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Wednesday marked 30 years since the loss of my parents. Remembrance and grief and healing come in different forms each year. It’s hard to believe I’m older now than they were when they died. This year, I’m focusing on what beautiful people they were, and how much energy they had and how much joy they spread. I’m noticing especially that I can feel them with me when I’m grateful and when I’m feeling good energy. Yesterday I attended the unveiling of a new memorial in Reno, and I met the sole survivor of the crash, George Lamson. I’ve spent most of my life trying to avoid anything having to do with the accident, and my grief was all focused inward. Meeting George and feeling a sense of community with him and the people who’ve worked to rededicate the memorial was a calming and rewarding experience. Guy Clifton wrote a nice article about the day, with this photo by Andy Barron.


Troy at Galaxy Plane Crash Victims Memorial

Troy at Galaxy Memorial Grove